Write Task Code

Function requirement

Each task needs to return an async function.

const { auths, libs } = require('platform');
module.exports = async (event) => {
console.log("Hello world");

The function takes in an event object with topic string and data object. Each trigger comes with a specific topic so you can use it to differentiate between different topic sources.

// console.log(event);
"topic": "XXXXXX",
"data": {}

By default, when each task is executed, the environment variables contains the following. If set, the App and Task Config Vars will also be included in the environment variable.

// console.log(process.env);
"KIWI_APP_ID": "...",
"KIWI_ENV": "dev",
"KIWI_TASK_ID": "...",
"KIWI_TOPIC": "...",